Say NO To the Laundry Mat


Are you too busy to sit at the Laundromat - waiting while washing your clothes?

Are you tired of lugging your laundry bag to the nearest wash and fold service?

The Butler did it has a solution! Butler offers quality wash and fold services plus dry cleaning at an affordable rate. We even have the clothes picked up straight from your door and returned- fresh and folded, to accommodate your busy  lifestyle.

With years of customer service behind us, we know how to meet your needs with the best quality and affordable convenience. We offer dry cleaning to everything from jackets to evening gowns.

Our laundry service is fast and guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Just call us to speak to one of our friendly associates who will schedule your laundry service. It’s that simple. Just call us now.

316-806-2039 or 316-312-3099

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